How we experimented with Amazon Rekognition’s custom labels

Experiment #1 — Using custom labels to detect and count animals on a farm

  1. Whether custom labels can accurately detect the presence of cows from 12 birdseye images from two different farms captured by a drone.
  2. Whether an enriched dataset featuring an additional 290 publicly available images of different farms would improve the outcome.

Observations and outcomes

Labelling the dataset

Quality and quantity of images makes a big difference

The size and detail of each image also makes a difference

Custom labels is its own ecosystem

Experiment #2 — Using custom labels for TimTams brand recognition

Detecting TimTams on social media

Detecting TimTams on supermarket shelves

  • Custom labels can be used to detect the presence of a brand/logo in an image but cannot reliably count them with a database this small.
  • Labels were more easily detected when the logos fed to the model were not at an angle (see image below).
  • We encountered similar issues to the Shahin’s animal experiment — labelling took time and uploading images greater than 4096 pixels caused issues.

Our thoughts on custom labels



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