How can a User Experience (UX) Designer help my business?

  • Better understand your customers
  • Align team members
  • Find product market fit
  • Mitigate risk

Better understand your customers

Who they are

UX Designers talk to customers to understand their motivations, thoughts and feelings to understand what makes them tick. Who they are and where does this product or service fit within their lives. What are they trying to achieve by using your product? Also not everyone will use your product in the same way, so we capture the different ways people think and what motivates them to use your product. We classify these into personas. Personas can come in different forms, from a lighter touch empathy map to a fully fleshed out persona, depending on what is required.

Image credit: Nielsen Norman Group

What they do

Another part of understanding customers is what they do. First we understood who they are — now we need to understand how they behave. This is crucial as UX Designers can help companies uncover behaviour patterns through a mix of qualitative research and analytics to get a complete picture of behaviour.

Google Analytics data from a recent DiUS project

Align team members

Another benefit that UX Designers bring to companies is aligning team members. Often with a project, stakeholders will already have a picture in their mind of what the product should be.

  • Desirability — Do people want it?
  • Feasibility — Can this be done technically?
  • Viability — Will it make us money and can it grow?
Image credit: Interaction Design Foundation

Find product market fit

There is a little bit to unpack with this one. First of all, what is market fit?

You reach product/market fit when your product’s features are solving customers pains and/or enabling their gains that they want to get out of it. Image credit: Strategyzer

Mitigate risk

UX Designers can help your company mitigate risk in two ways:

  • Risk of spending millions of dollars on the wrong solution
  • Risk of wasting time building the wrong solution
It is faster and cheaper for a design team to validate a hypothesis compared to an engineering team. Replace ‘building’ with ‘learning’ to mitigate risk. Image credit: Janice Fraser


In summary, UX Designers help companies:

Better understand their customers

  • Understanding who they are via interviews
  • How they behave through analytics and user research

Align team members

  • Through workshops
  • Sharing customer’s feedback
  • Showcasing designs

Find product market fit

  • Testing the company’s offerings with real customers
  • Matching products/services to customer needs

Mitigate risk

  • Saving time by quickly producing prototypes to get feedback
  • Saving money by quickly changing to market feedback and needing fewer resources to do so



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